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SANBI was established under the auspices of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act, NEMBA (2004) and has a mandate to report on many aspects of biodiversity nationally. One of SANBI’s very clear mandates are to “Collect, generate process, coordinate and disseminate information about biodiversity and sustainable use of indigenous biological resources and maintain databases”.

As a knowledge-based organisation, biodiversity information is the key resource which drives research and innovation, supports planning and policy development processes, informs decisions and is the basis to evaluate progress and impact. It is therefore important that our biodiversity information is managed as a strategic asset that will leverage shared value to South Africa in supporting sustainable decisions towards the broader national developmental objectives.

Ultimately, we need to ensure that the data which supports our analysis, are mobilized and priority datasets are available to support analysis for amongst other things, natural capital accounting; and sectors such as energy, climate, water, food, infrastructure, mining and extractives as well as trade and investment. In a world that counts the United Nations describe data as the lifeblood of decision making and the raw material for accountability. Thus, good and accurate data is the key building blocks for analysis, in support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Biodiversity data also has a potential role in supporting the Post2020 framework of the CBD and IPBES

Data Metrics

South African institutions have published over 32 000 000 primary biodiversity data records which are globally distributed. These occurrences are distributed across the different plant kingdoms, with a vaste majority belonging to the Kingdom Animalia. Birds, make up a large proportion of the animal data, followed by insects, mammals and bony fish. The plant data also comprise over 2 million biodiversity data records, which is a very significant contribution from the botanical network of partners.

Biodiversity Data Publishing by South African Institutions

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**Data From South Africa**

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Data mobilization

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Data mobilization

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