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SANBI-GBIF aims to support and grow a network of partners in biodiversity informatics through data mobilisation, capacity enhancement, publication and use. The Node provides access to biodiversity occurrence records published by South African Institutions.

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SANBI-GBIF is the South African Voting Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and is funded by the Department of Science and Innovation. The Vision of the SANBI-GBIF Node is to contribute to South Africa’s sustainable development by facilitating access to biodiversity and related information on the internet. This portal was created as part of the GBIF Hosted Portals Pilot Project and aims to provide resources, news and information of activities and efforts of Node at the National level.

Strategic Objectives

  • Promoting the sharing of data and information under a common set of standards.
  • Contributing to education, training, capacity enhancement, and to develop biodiversity informatics as a field of science.
  • To develop a stronger network of biodiversity informatics professionals through coordination.
  • Supporting data use through highlighting the impacts of data mobilisation across the data-science-policy interface.
  • Advising on national and international initiatives, and strategy development to further support efforts to grow the impact of the SANBI-GBIF Node.
  • Get access to millions of biodiversity data, published by the South African biodiversity information community to GBIF
  • Go to the Map feature to visualize occurrence records in space and time
  • Special filtering criteria enable customized query development within the portal framework
  • Issues and flags enable quality control
  • Go to the Image Galley to browse thousands of images published by the South African community to GBIF
  • Through our Data Explorer you can discover and download data for use and re-use

Training and eLearning

Visit our Training and eLearning Page and discover:

  • Our training schedule for the year
  • The eLearning Platform (Hosted by GBIF-Spain)
  • Course content and curricula from SANBI-GBIF training events
  • Signup or Subscribe to GBIF led training like the GBIF Data Mobilisation Course