Training and eLearning

To support capacity enhancement activities in the network SANBI-GBIF aims to:

  1. Build capacity towards ensuring that relevant, high quality biodiversity information is available and used by scientists, managers and decision makers,
  2. Grow a coordinated network of partners with the commitment and capacity to digitise, share and use biodiversity information.

SANBI-GBIF supports the community through physical training events and an online eLearning Platform, as a repository of re-usable training materials for various scientific areas including: data management (data cleaning, formatting and publishing), geo-referencing, data mobilisation, data use and its applications.

SANBI wishes to acknowledge GBIF-Spain, as the host of the eLearning Technology Platform.

Training Courses and Available Content and Curricula

Fitness for Use of Biological Data

This course aims to expose participants to the key areas of data management and quality control, which are relevant to the production of data that is “fit-for-use”. This enhanced data is then relevant for use in biodiversity research and assessments that can ultimately inform policy development and environmental decision-making. Relevant topics include:

  • Online data cleaning tools
  • Geo-referencing best practice
  • New and developing methodologies

This course was first developed as a training workshop held by SANBI-GBIF in 2018 and was facilitated by Arthur Chapman.

New users can access the course by signing up with the following link:

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Registered users can log in to the eLearning Platform and subscribe to the Fitness for Use of Biological Data course by clicking the link below:

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SANBI-GBIF Hosted Training Events taking place in 2022/23

Course Trainer/s Date Venue
Data Management and Cleaning supporting science, policy and sustainable development Vernon Visser, Fatima Parker-Allie and Hannelie Snyman February 2022 Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
Data Driven DNA & eDNA Course (BioData Advanced) Norwegian Partnership Initiative November 2022 TBC
Species Distribution Modelling Vernon Visser To be Confirmed (2023) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens
Biodiversity Informatics: Data Analysis, Use and Impact Vernon Visser To be Confirmed (2023) Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens