GBIF previews major update to IPT software

Now available for review and testing, version 3 of the Integrated Publishing Toolkit accommodates more formats and richer data while retaining full support for current standards

The GBIF Secretariat has announced the availability of a new release candidate of its Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT) for testing and feedback by current users.

Developed in parallel with explorations into diversifying the GBIF data model, the first release candidate will offer many users their first glimpse of some major evolutionary changes ahead for this widely used free, open-source software.

As a release candidate this software is intended only for testing and preview purposes, not production use. Users should set up their installations in test mode and register published datasets to GBIF’s dedicated testing environment. Descriptions of the new features and how to use them will be added to the IPT user manual soon. Feedback is most welcome and greatly appreciated through the GitHub IPT repository.

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