Two 4 month Msc Student Internships at the Natural History Museum, Univ. of Oslo

Two 4-month MSc student internships (1 February - 31 May 2024) at the Natural History Museum, Univ. of Oslo, in biodiversity data skills and molecular methods

BioDATA Advanced is an international project between Norway and South Africa that aims to support students in upper education in developing skills in biodiversity data management and publishing, in addition to the most modern molecular methods for monitoring biodiversity. The skills taught within BioDATA Advanced are important for carrying out the everyday tasks of a modern biologist, though many of these skills are not taught in higher education. This project also looks to strengthen the partnership between the South African Node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (SANBI-GBIF) and the other BioDATA partners, through exchanges and enhanced collaborations on scientific projects of mutual interest.

We are thus seeking two student interns (MSc level) for two fully funded 4-month internships at the Natural History Museum, Univ. of Oslo from 1 February - 31 May 2024. The Natural History Museum (UiO-NHM) is located in the heart of downtown Oslo in Norway, with a research community involving over 80 scientists exploring different aspects of our world’s natural diversity. The interns will work closely with their host during their stay at NHM (UiO-NHM), and will be fully integrated into their research group.

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Note that flights and transport costs to and from Norway will be covered, as will housing, and a stipend will be provided for living expenses in Norway.

You can also contact Rukaya Johaadien, Dag Endresen with any questions, and cc Fatima Parker-Allie and Morne Du Plessis